A Hybrid Future
Major anticipated technical results:

  • A load following, self pitching propeller
  • A new generation of thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries with optimised geometry and electro-chemistry for hybrid applications
  • An Energy Management Module monitoring all elements of the system and providing efficient and holistic control
  • New power electronics components
  • New permanent magnet DC motors, generators and controllers
The EU Hybrid Marine (HYMAR) project is an ICOMIA led collaborative research project funded under the EUs Seventh Framework Research Programme (FP7)
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Major project objectives:

  • To develop an open systems architecture which will make marine hybrid propulsion available to the widest possible market
  • To deliver more fuel efficient and sustainable propulsion and power options for small craft
  • To deliver systems which satisfy the market demand for increasing amounts of electrical power on board
  • To reduce the environmental impact of small craft by reducing fuel consumption and cutting noise and vibration
Click to watch Nigel Calder give a conducted tour of the HYMAR test boat.
HYMAR hybrid marine power for all

Optimised Hybrid Systems for small displacement vessels:

HYMAR is an EU supported, collaborative research and development project.  Its aim is to develop state of the art marine hybrid systems for displacement vessels up to about 24m in length. HYMAR hybrid systems are being optimised for energy efficiency and are based on design principles which will allow any compliant equipment to be used regardless of supplier.
For more information on EU research funding you can go to the EU CORDIS web site.
You can download a mid-term summary report by clicking here.
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HyMar Project Update
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