A Hybrid Future
  • ICOMIA: project management, scientific and technical co-ordination, technology foresight  ICOMIA
  • Brunton: Propeller design, overall system modelling Bruntons
  • INSEAN: Propeller characterisation, mathematical modelling and optimisation INSEAN
  • Enersys: Battery characterisation, optimisation and management Enersys
  • Triskel Marine Ltd: Central system controller Triskel Marine Ltd
  • ESP: System integration and control algorithms; data collection
  • Malo Yachts: Engineering and naval architecture support Malo Yachts
  • STEYR MOTORS: Efficiency mapping of diesel and electric motors; diesel generator design STEYR MOTORS
  • Mastervolt: power electronics and electrical energy conversion and control Mastervolt
The EU Hybrid Marine (HYMAR) project is an ICOMIA led collaborative research project funded under the EUís Seventh Framework Research Programme (FP7)
Energy Supply Detail
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Energy Supply Summery
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HyMar Control Network
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HyMar Partner Interactions
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HYMAR Task schematics:
Project team

The HYMAR project brings together some of Europeís leading companies:

HYMAR is being delivered by a group of EU partners, individually selected for excellence in their specific field:
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