A Hybrid Future
The EU Hybrid Marine (HYMAR) project is an ICOMIA led collaborative research project funded under the EUs Seventh Framework Research Programme (FP7)
Lead Acid

Energy storage

High power density, durability and affordability are essential features of marine hybrid batteries.  Enersys are developing a new range of long life, deep cycle batteries for hybrid applications

  1. To carry out the research, development and testing necessary to produce a cost-effective energy storage device (thin plate pure lead battery TPPL) optimised for the specific needs of a marine hybrid drive system, including high discharge and recharge rates, low internal resistance and heat production, high discharge/recharge efficiency, the ability to cycle in a partial state of charge, and high cycle life
  2. To deliver sufficient prototype TPPL batteries to the test boat for validation at sea
  3. To determine the optimal battery management strategy
  4. To increase the lifetime kWh energy output by a minimum of 50% as compared to the best of conventional lead acid technology.
  5. To increase the number of charge/discharge cycles by a minimum of 50% as compared with the current state of the art
  6. To optimise the battery charge/discharge characteristics in order to keep the generator loaded at its optimum point and achieve a minimum 5 year battery life

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