A Hybrid Future
The EU Hybrid Marine (HYMAR) project is an ICOMIA led collaborative research project funded under the EU’s Seventh Framework Research Programme (FP7)
System Control:

Central to the effective management of energy production and use in the boat is the controller and associated sensors.  TML is producing a new range of sensors to monitor energy flow around the boat and is also designing the “brain” – known as Jason - which will have oversight of all boat functions.  This innovative, intelligent controller will monitor information on all of the boat’s various data busses and then use fuzzy logic control algorithms to determine how best to deliver the user’s objectives.  These objectives may be, for example, to run silently, or at maximum speed, or with minimum fuel consumption.

Jason will be hidden in the depths of the boat but the primary user interface will be at the chart table using an Android based tablet PC.  Use of the open Android operating system makes the HYMAR system compatible with most smart mobile phones and will allow information to be accessible throughout the boat on all Android based devices.
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